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COMBIS experts became holders of top security certifications

hrvoje_milasincic_120x80COMBIS experts are continually working on developing their knowledge and there is a large number of our recognized professional competencies. Recently, COMBIS is richer for two more valuable security certificates, GIAC Reverse Engineering Malware (GREM) and GIAC Continuous Monitoring Certification (GMON).

GREM certificate is a confirmation of competence for detailed manual analysis of malicious code. These competences are currently very much in-demand, and in order to get the certificate, you need to listen to the lectures and pass the final exam, where each trainee must have a knowledge of behavioral and static analysis, and analysis of the original malicious code at the assembler level and forensic analysis of the already infected computer.

With these competences it is possible to give the user context of the attack (what is the malicious code, how it works, etc.), so the vector of attacks can be accurately defined and with the information obtained it is possible to improve the user security system. This certificate is one of the few in Croatia.

The second certificate, GIAC Continuous Monitoring Certification, is designed for security architects, engineers, analysts and managers, and demonstrates their ability to perform a secure and resistant network, as well as the ability to track and analyse detected threats and network abnormalities. There are only 950 people around the world who possess this certificate.

'These competency certificates create a new dimension of security that we can achieve for our users. I am extremely proud of colleagues and security team for continuously investing in knowledge, which makes us, in the field of security, among the top companies in the market region”, commented Hrvoje Millašinčić, Head of Security Department in COMBIS.


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