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Aleksandar Radojčić is the Head of the new Department for Banking and Payment Solutions in COMBIS

aleksandar_radojcic_priopcenje_web_2Zagreb, August 8th 2017 - COMBIS, leading provider of IT services in Croatia, has established Banking and Payment Solutions Department. Head of the Department is Aleksandar Radojčić, one of the leading Croatian experts for payment services and digital transformation in financial sector. The new department is a part of many initiatives in COMBIS, with the focus on promoting innovation within COMBIS and innovative solutions development.

The newly formed Banking and Payment Solutions Department has two business lines – the first includes online payment services and the second digitization of electronic content management services.

'Financial industry is a very dynamic area, especially when it comes to implementation of technologies directed towards business growth and development. For over 20 years of my working career, I have been connecting banking and IT daily, with respect to each developmental phase of the moment, thus I am extremely happy to continue my business development in COMBIS, a company that continually develops numerous solutions and services for financial industry and raises their competitiveness', says Aleksandar Radojčić, COMBIS’s Banking and Payment Solutions Department Director.

Aleksandar Radojčić is born in 1968. He graduated from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb. He completed his postgraduate studies of Strategic Entrepreneurship at Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb.

He gained his business experience in Financial Agency (Fina), and companies Infosistem, Comminus and bank Hrvatska poštanska banka (HPB). In HPB he spent five years as an Executive Director of the Payment sector and Direct banking sector.
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