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COMBIS, FER and ASR Group secured EU funds for development of innovative ICT services

eu03_brnjac120x80Zagreb, August 30th 2017-  COMBIS, with support of FER and ASR Group, has acquired EU funds for the ComEnergy - project for improving energy efficiency.

COMBIS, leading provider of IT services in Croatia, together with its partners – company ASR Group and FER (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing), received non-refundable EU funds for the project 'Improving manufacturing efficiency with research and development of innovative ICT services to improve energy efficiency - ComEnergy'. The project was approved by European Regional Development Fund and is focused on research, development and innovations in the sector of information and communication technology within manufacturing industry.

The project will last for three years. Its total value is 14.720.143,86 kuna. Amount of EU support is 7.333.330,51 kuna.

During the ComEnergy project, COMBIS – the project coordinator, will, together with its partners, develop Internet of Things (IoT) platform, advanced analytics for Big Data and applications for monitoring energy consumption and ambient conditions, and also improve data management portals.


‘COMBIS has already proved necessity of smart energy solutions in manufacturing industry with the SmartMetering pilot project. We are extremely pleased that this project is recognized by European Union as the one which can improve and contribute to the manufacturing industry in Croatia and beyond. Our goal is to create, in cooperation with our partners, significant potential for research and development of new Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud technologies, which would also create new services on the market, as well as new employment opportunities. It would certainly contribute to the Croatian economy, as well as the economy of the whole European Union’, commented Goran Brnjac, Director of Business Development, COMBIS.

The ComEnergy project will integrate several strategic thematic areas like energy technologies, systems and equipment; sustainable production and food processing; environment friendly technologies, equipment and new materials. In the next three years COMBIS’s goal is to improve and increase energy efficiency in manufacturing industry, together with partners – company ASR Group and FER.


’The role of FER, and in particular the Instutute for Electrical Engineering and Electrical Measurement at FER within this project, is to confirm this solution with scientific research and publication in international scientific journals and conferences. Moreover, to increase transfer of knowledge, experience and technology, and competitiveness of COMBIS and ASR Group company and thus to assist with the global placement of ComEnergy solution. With our partners – COMBIS and ASR Group, we want to assure the greatest possible recognition of Croatian knowledge and innovativeness’, emphasized the professor Ph.D. Roman Malarić, from Institute for Basic Electrical Engineering and Electrical Measurements, FER.

ComEnergy SmartMetering is a solution that enables accurate energy tracking and connects various data sources, integrates and processes them, and provides insight into the actual state of energy consumption; ensures lower costs, optimizes consumption, reduces risk and malfunctions. By monitoring energy consumption through all parts of the production process in real time, it is possible to significantly reduce production costs and impact on the environment while at the same time to increase the production capacity of the existing production resources, thus to facilitate approach to implementation of the ISO 50001 norm.


‘So far, together with COMBIS, we have already invested significant resources in research to prove the need and adequacy of system at global and regional level. Result of the pilot project we have finalized demonstrates the need for further investment in the ComEnergy project, and we also have confirmed interest of other clients, regionally and globally. ASR Group has international experience in automation and business process management. Within the ComEnergy project we will work on development of the energy efficiency application and participate in development of prototype in the Cloud’, said Robert Rac, director at ASR Group.

COMBIS has been focusing on EU projects for a number of years and the company successfully participates as a partner and supplier of ICT infrastructure and services on centralized EU development projects such as Horizon 2020, CEF Telecom and Central Europe, and is part of the innovative project Smart City Rijeka. To support the projects related to the European Union, a special team of experts has been established within COMBIS. This team is dedicated to quality preparation and implementation of projects funded from EU funds, which is a reason more why COMBIS is being recognized as a prominent partner for EU projects.

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