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Combis implemented an advanced video conferencing system in Atlantic Group

sinisas120x80Zagreb, October 16th, 2018 - The leading provider of IT services in Croatia has implemented a video conferencing system on several Atlantic Group locations in Croatia and abroad.

The leading provider of IT services in Croatia Combis has implemented an advanced video conferencing system in Atlantic Group, one of the leading business systems in the Southeast Europe. Atlantic Group operates through its own manufacturing sites, distribution centers and offices throughout the region, but also in Germany and Russia.

Each individual video conferencing system consists of two screens, a double camera that follows the speaker and control units with touch control. In addition, excellent HD video quality, 20x zoom on each camera and advanced multi-channel sound system are provided.


"For the project at Atlantic Group, we have connected conference systems on multiple locations, at a level that truly provides the ultimate experience of conference calls and responds to the increasingly prominent business needs for fast and quality communication, with the lesser involvement of human resources, as well as time and financial resources. Our platform for video conferencing automatically starts a meeting that has been agreed through the e-mail, and with two screens and cameras that accompany the speaker, feeling of high-quality communication is created", said Siniša Staničić, Director of Enterprise Infrastructural Solutions and Integration Sector in Combis.

The project in Atlantic Group included consulting, hardware and software selection, implementation of the central system, and implementation of video conferencing devices at multiple locations in Croatia and abroad.


"We have decided to implement a new video conferencing system to improve the quality and interactivity of everyday business communication between colleagues in different markets and to achieve a high level of efficiency by optimizing travel costs. This system meets our needs in terms of ease of use and modularity and it is interoperable with our existing services. We are extremely satisfied with the implementation's results and we have achieved all the project's target parameters. The largest business benefit is created through significant time savings, reduced travel costs and advanced technical quality of interactive communication. The implementation of the HD video conferencing system is just one segment of a broad-based investment program in the digital communications technology and IT business systems of Atlantic Group", said Dean Kosty, Director of IT Infrastructure and Operations at Atlantic Group.

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