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ComDebts - Debt Collection Management

Collection of debts is often a painstaking and uneasy job, evoking unpleasant connotations, especially if the claim was made on the basis of unstructured or incomplete information. COMBIS has developed an application ComDebts – Debt Collection Management in order to enable systematic, precise and efficient debt collection for financial institutions and companies that charge services based on evidenced consumption or payment by instalments. The purpose of the system is to accelerate processing of the claims and, at the same time, to reduce costs of such processing.

Additionally, increased workload, magnified number of items in debt collection, limited resources and the need for work organization flexibility is greatly present in today business. ComDebts provides a solution for new arisen situation – less work with better results, increased consistency in contact with clients, improved communication and work distribution among all participants in debt collection process.

ComDebts solution increases capacity and ability to collect debts by intelligent automation of debt collection in all steps and through all organization parts that participate in debt collection. The simplicity of application usage, data visibility and control of contacts will remove possible misunderstandings and enable procedure in due time using appropriate strategies.   

ComDebts is a workflow application where each claim is represented by a subject containing all relevant parameters of the claim, with the possibility of being in different process statuses. Appropriate organizational segment has authority over the subject and, depending on the status of the subject, can perform different operations. Every item is noted so the history of procedure can be seen, and the evidences of contacts is being lead on a client level (debtor in a particular case). 

ComDebts solution enables:

  • Increased efficiency of procedure strategies by 20%. Procedure strategies are adjustable with regard to segmentation of early and late collection phase.
  • Improvement of collections in early phase by 40%. Directing operators to timely procedures towards the most important clients as early as possible, regarding debt cycle.
  • Increased collection productivity by 30%. Increased work productivity due to improved automation, adjusted work processes and easier contacting with clients.

ComDebts solution brings know-how to the organization of debt collection. ComDebts enables operators to contact clients earlier by telephone, notifying them about upcoming obligations, reminding them of missed payments and, consequently, averting a big part of debts and extra charges on the very beginning of the debt collection process.

ComDebts solution secures:

Creating user roles and skill groups (groups of the employees with different specializations) – An operator, in regard to its role, gains certain authorities and is assigned to certain skill group that enables better work organization – procedure by one of the item queues. Regarding the queue, adequate screens with information are opened for the operator during the call.

Procedure strategies – Classifying items by queues and determining procedure priorities is based on client segmentation. Defining strategies by parameters enables adjustment to user's business logic and management of processing automation. 

Managing queues – Procedure strategies define automated classification of items in several queues. Some of them, system processes automatically, while other serve for the organization of debt collection processes and as guidelines for operators. In that way, operator's productivity increases as well as the amount of processed items.

Monitoring payments by instalments and promise fulfilments – ComDebts enables recording of agreements with the client considering debt payment by instalments and payment plan. Also, the system automatically tracks promise fulfilments for the upcoming period. Option for debt reprogramming is supported as well.

Printing documents and reports – Support for generating memos towards clients and other business instances. With assembly of standard reports for debt collection management, there is a possibility of detaching reports into standard formats (XLS, PDF) for further processing or presentations. Reports regarding successfulness of debt collection can be generated by diverse criteria.

Distributed business organization – In addition to central work of operators in debt collection centre, other employees in business network can also be engaged as operators in their spare time. Network connection and IP telephony enables all employees to work with clients as if they were at the call centre.

Doubtful debts – After contacting in early phase, or taking procedures in late phase of debt collection, ComDebts enables transmitting of remaining doubtful debts to claim process or to extern agencies.

Call automation – If necessary, ComDebts can be integrated with IPCC (Internet Protocol Contact Centre) solution like ComContact, or a similar solution from other provider, in order to enable the system to automatically initiate calls towards clients regarding the item that is to be processed. This additionally increases efficiency. The system automatically notes information regarding successfulness of the made contact.       

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