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Printers Infrastructure Management

Today's large companies spend from 1 to 5% of total incomes on manufacturing, distribution and documentation storage.

One of the ways for cost rationalization is printers infrastructure management. By printers infrastructure management, according to some researches, one can reduce operating costs up to 30%.

Savings are made due to simple managing, opportune orders and delivery of the stationary and paper. Also, cost reduction is possible because of the printing process supervision and proper usage and indirectly, by increasing efficiency of the employees and company in whole.

In the solution for printers infrastructure management COMBIS integrates innovations and the best technologies according to customer's business strategy.

Above mentioned solution according to COMBIS methodology includes:

  • analysis of the existing infrastructure,
  • optimisation of business processes and
  • implementation of the printers infrastructure management system, through different financing methods (solution purchase, leasing, payment per amount of printed documents).

Printers infrastructure management solution enables:

  • Selection, delivery and installation of printing equipment.
  • Continues monitoring of the environment through printers status information (malfunction, lack of toner or paper), paper input capacity, device usage level and other.
  • Supervision of the user or a group of users, enabled by limiting the possibility of printing and by defining the printed quotes (daily, weekly and monthly).
  • Optimum usage of printers (automatically redirecting printing transactions on less loaded printers).
  • Increased security by encrypting data for printing, printing only after an authorization.
  • Calculation of printing costs (per users, per user groups).
  • The replacement of expendable material in due time.
  • Prompt replacement of stationary.
  • Prompt repair in case of device malfunction, in due time, predefined in the contract.

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